Crochet rose video tutorial

Hi, everyone!

This is just a quick blog post to let you know that I’ve finally made a video about how to make a crochet rose using the pattern on my blog.

And here it is!

I hope the tutorial clears up any and all questions you might have about how to make the rose, but if not, please leave a comment on this blog post or on the video (on YouTube). I was very tired when I made the video today, so if I make very little (or no) sense, I apologize! ūüôā

Thank you for watching the video! Also, hello and thank you to all of my new blog followers and subscribers! It’s nice to have you all here!





My quest for an awesome pouch pattern has come to fruition!

In the past, I’ve made pouches with a simple pattern (that you can find here in Finnish: Hippu: Pussukka¬†and the simple outline pattern here: PDF-link). While I’ve felt that the end-results have been satisfactory, the pouches have been missing a certain pizzazz, or a little extra something.

So after a bit of searching, I found this YouTube video by Pattydoo, and it made me the happiest crafter ever. Go take a look!

In case you understand¬†German, the video tutorial works even better for you. But even if your German skills only extend to “Jawohl!“, have no fear: the video has English subtitles, and the subtitled instructions are more than adequate. (The free written pattern was a tad tricky to get from Pattydoo’s webpage, but if you wish to see it all written out, go and download the pattern for the “Zippered pouch Susie“.)

I made¬†two pouches:¬†a tiny one, and a slightly bigger one with an extra box-pleat, but I was a bit of a rebel and I didn’t use the measurements Pattydoo¬†provided. (I had to work with already-pre-cut quilting fabrics that my grandma gave me.) My tip to you is: make sure your outer fabric pieces aren’t too narrow/small, or the box-pleats will be a nightmare to sew! Also, when Pattydoo tells you to leave a 1.5cm seam allowance when attaching the zipper, heed her advice and do it! Especially if you use fleece or felt padding for the lining/inner pieces, it will be a struggle to get the zipper attached all nice and neat.

So here are my pouches! My sister labeled them as “grandma-style”, which I’m willing to rock proudly. ūüėÄ

Pouches inspired by Pattydoo

The 'Susie' pouch by Pattydoo

Thank you for viewing, and also a huge thank you to all of the new subscribers and visitors to my blog! Very happy to have you here!


PS. If you make a pouch using Pattydoo’s pattern, please leave a comment and a link to a photo of your pouch. I’d love to see it!

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Christmas crafts


I just finished my Christmas cards (or at least a few of them) for this year. I wanted to go for a somewhat simple card, yet with many parts to it, so I used a few different dies and two embossing folders. The dies I used in the Christmas cards are from Sue Wilson (the greeting, the holly leaves, and the reindeer), and Frantic Stamper (the birch panel).


Also, I’ve been making crochet snowflakes using this awesome pattern from Snowcatcher. Scroll down to the purple snowflake to get the pattern for this particular snowflake.

To get the blocking template for the snowflake, print out the image above, or visit this blog, for example. (Or just google “crochet blocking template”.)

Thanks for viewing!


A birthday card


My mother’s 60th birthday is just around the corner, and I decided to make her a somewhat fancy birthday card. For this card, I used several of Sue Wilson’s die cuts (from Creative Expressions). If you want to see the (almost) full list of supplies used in this card, scroll further down.

Also, some future posts in this blog will include: Halloween (card) crafts, Christmas cards, and the long-awaited pattern for my Remix/ruffle booties. I’ve also tried to make a new and improved/different pattern for the strip-method crochet rose, so stay tuned and hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.

Here are some (sadly bad) photos of my mom’s birthday card. As the days are getting darker, I find it difficult to find a good light source for indoor photos. Please leave a comment, if you know of any good extra-light photography equipment, LED-lights for example. Thanks!

Birthday card Birthday card
























Thanks for viewing! And have a wonderful weekend.


PS. Happy birthday, mom!!! ‚̧‚̧‚̧

PPS. Thank you for all the comments I’ve received lately via the feedback form!


Candy Baby Booties


If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, again, I’ve been busy working on several projects. Here are some pictures of the booties I’ve made lately.
The black/mix-colored ones are Candy booties, and I’ll be making a pattern out of them for sale.

Thanks for viewing!
Thank you and welcome to the new subscribers!


The finished Remix-booties. Baby booties