Introducing another flowery project, but, for a change, the next project is from the time-consuming and paper-cut-ridden field of origami!

I was browsing through Craftster.org, in the look-out for inspiration, when I came across this Japanese origami flower called Kusudama. If you’re interested in knowing how the paper flower ball is made, follow the links in the Craftster.org post (the instructions/tutorial is originally by Foldingtrees.com).

My Kusudama ball is made from pages from a phonebook (recycling!), and due to the lack of glue, I was forced to use dry adhesive (double-sided tape), which caused me some assembly problems, but all in all, it turned out pretty great. A single flower is made from 5 slips of paper (7cm x 7cm OR 3″ x 3″), and the entire Kusudama ball has 12 flowers in it. And so… 60 paper slips, 12 flowers, and 3-4 hours later… here’s my Kusudama ball! Thanks for viewing!