Free Halloween Graphics

Hi, all!

Halloween is fast approaching! Here are tips for those who have been searching for free Halloween graphics or images online, or who just want to make simple Halloween greeting cards to print out or to share online.

If you don’t like fiddling with computers and graphic design, just skip parts 1 and 2 of this post. In the 3rd part, I’ll share the actual graphics that I like, and I’ll also include a few examples of how to use them. The example images are for you to freely use and print out.

happyhalloweenboyAlso, if you get inspired by this post and want to learn more, please let me know, and I’ll make more posts with similar topics. And if you really dislike graphic design, and subsequently this blog post of mine, please stick around for actual crafty posts in the future. I will make things out of paper, fabric, and yarn soon, I promise!


If you already use programs such as Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop, then skip this part. If you don’t have either of the Adobe programs, and don’t wish to buy them, then there’s a free program you can use called INKSCAPE and it works aaaalmost as well as the expensive Adobe programs. Almost! But not quite. Inkscape is a bit harder to use, in my opinion, but luckily there are great tutorials online that help you out with all possible issues and problems.

Here’s what I know (and correct me if I’m wrong) about using different file formats on Inkscape:

  • Inkscape uses the .svg file format to save graphics/vectors. It supports .ai-files, but not .eps-files (sadly).
  • Images are exported (or saved) in the .png  format (with or without a transparent background).

I won’t go into the greater details of using Inkscape, as you can get tutorials online, but if you need help with it, leave a comment on this post, and will attempt to assist!


If you google “free graphics” you will be directed to many sites that promise you free images and graphics. freepikMy suggestion for a great free graphics website is

It’s easy to use, it provides you with a vast number of options to choose from, and most of the graphics or images are, in fact, totally free! (There are also paid options for Premium or Shutterstock users.) All you have to do is pick a topic you like, search for it, click the graphics that you like (marked with an “S” for Selection, meaning the free options), selection and then download the graphics. And remember to give credit to Freepik, if you use the graphics online!


All of the following graphics can be found on and are suitable to use with Inkscape. Here are some of my favourite graphics, introduced by theme/topic. You can find the links to these graphics in the photo captions (click the photos to see more information). All of the following featured graphics come with .ai-files when you download them, so you can use them with Inkscape.


There are loads of great Halloween landscapes to be discovered on Freepik. Here are just four of the ones that caught my eye.

And here are my more printer-friendly versions of the landscapes. (The black border lines are not in the actual pictures.)



You can find anything from scary pumpkins to friendlier Jack-o’-lanterns on Freepik. I’ve selected a few pumpkin smileys for you: some hand drawn versions and some more 3Dish.

And here are just a couple of examples of how you could use these pumpkin graphics.



Wish to have a mix of element in your Halloween cards? Here are some of the graphics that include ghosts, pumpkins, witches, cats, spiders, bats, and many more lovely elements!

And here’s what I made out of them.



There are also lots of cute Halloween graphics for kids (or of kids), and some Día de Muertos skulls, plus a few hand drawn graphics for a simpler look.

Thank you for viewing this reaaaally long post! And if you have any questions about anything related to these graphics and how to use them, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Happy Halloween, everyone! 🙂


PS. I’m in no way sponsored by Inkscape or Freepik. I just happen to like them both, and wished to share my tips and tricks. 

PPS. Thank you to all of my new subscribers and readers! And to the old ones: thank you for sticking around! 

If you wish, give feedback on this blog post. Thank you!


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