My quest for an awesome pouch pattern has come to fruition!

In the past, I’ve made pouches with a simple pattern (that you can find here in Finnish: Hippu: Pussukka and the simple outline pattern here: PDF-link). While I’ve felt that the end-results have been satisfactory, the pouches have been missing a certain pizzazz, or a little extra something.

So after a bit of searching, I found this YouTube video by Pattydoo, and it made me the happiest crafter ever. Go take a look!

In case you understand German, the video tutorial works even better for you. But even if your German skills only extend to “Jawohl!“, have no fear: the video has English subtitles, and the subtitled instructions are more than adequate. (The free written pattern was a tad tricky to get from Pattydoo’s webpage, but if you wish to see it all written out, go and download the pattern for the “Zippered pouch Susie“.)

I made two pouches: a tiny one, and a slightly bigger one with an extra box-pleat, but I was a bit of a rebel and I didn’t use the measurements Pattydoo provided. (I had to work with already-pre-cut quilting fabrics that my grandma gave me.) My tip to you is: make sure your outer fabric pieces aren’t too narrow/small, or the box-pleats will be a nightmare to sew! Also, when Pattydoo tells you to leave a 1.5cm seam allowance when attaching the zipper, heed her advice and do it! Especially if you use fleece or felt padding for the lining/inner pieces, it will be a struggle to get the zipper attached all nice and neat.

So here are my pouches! My sister labeled them as “grandma-style”, which I’m willing to rock proudly. 😀

Pouches inspired by Pattydoo

The 'Susie' pouch by Pattydoo

Thank you for viewing, and also a huge thank you to all of the new subscribers and visitors to my blog! Very happy to have you here!


PS. If you make a pouch using Pattydoo’s pattern, please leave a comment and a link to a photo of your pouch. I’d love to see it!

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