Miniature Crochet Rose


Inspired by miniature crochet animals made by SuAmi, I decided to try and make a miniature crochet rose. The task seemed simple enough: just use a very fine, single ply yarn, and a tiny crochet hook. Easy, right?

No. Nope. Not at all.

I thought I had good eyesight, but I have been proven wrong. I even thought I had pretty nimble fingers, but wrong again.

It was almost impossible to see the stitches and even more impossible to get the hook to go through them. But after a few tries, I managed to make one tiny rose, which is still not as tiny as SuAmi’s miniature animals. After a few hours of squinting my eyes and doing crochet-acrobatics, I take my hat off to SuAmi, and will stick to normal-sized roses from now on.

Speaking of which: I bought some awesome new yarns from a lovely shop called Karnaluks in Tallinn, Estonia. I’ve aYarns from Karnalukslready made a few roses using the yarns, and I’ll be posting the results on my blog someday soon.


And here’s what I managed to make this time. It’s a little under 2cm in diameter (so less than 0.787402 inches, if that makes sense).

Thanks for viewing! And happy Easter to everyone!

Miniature crochet rose Miniature crochet rose














3 thoughts on “Miniature Crochet Rose

    • Kati says:

      Hi Monica! I don’t really have a pattern for a smaller rose. I just made fewer petals than on a regular big rose. You can fiddle with the crochet rose pattern however you like, really, just by adding or subtracting the number of petals, and petal sizes (aka dc stitches). Also, it all depends on your yarn, as well, so I can’t really give one universal pattern for a tiny rose. I think I made about 21 petals for this miniature rose, so just pick a number of petals, make some of them with 9-10 double crochet stitches, some with 6-7 dcs, some with 4-5 dcs, and then just go down from there to get the layers that you want. Hope this somewhat helped! There are some tips for altering the size of roses in the tutorial for the regular sized rose:

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